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The visiting hours are not restricted but should be within reason, preferablybetween 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Any resident who desires to leave the facilitymust make the staff aware of his/her plans.  When residents are taken fromthe home by family and friends for any purpose, a Sign-Out Register mustbe signed by the responsible party taking the resident from the home.  Thehome reserves the right to quarantine the building if the administrator feels itis in the best interest of the residents during any epidemic or what may appearto be an epidemic.

Medication Policy

Only medication prescribed by a physician (prescription or non-prescription)will be administered to residents in the facility.  All proceduresestablished by minimum standards and implemented by this facility'sPharmaceutical Policy and Procedures Manual will be followed for eachresident.  No medication (prescription or non-prescription) will be storedin a resident's room unless prior written authorization has been obtained fromthe resident's physician and the residents is deemed capable of followingguidelines established by the Pharmaceutical Policy and Procedures Manual forself-administration.  Drugs for self-administration must be kept locked inan area designated by the facility.  The facility reserves the right toconfiscate all unlocked medication.  If the resident is absent from thefacility, all medication over one dose must be counted and recorded by staff andsigned by the responsible person who is signing the resident in and out. The home is not responsible for any mismanagement or shortage of drugs that havebeen removed from the facility.  The facility is not liable for anymedication, drug or medical expenses.

Health Care

Pharmacy service is provided by Care First Pharmacy, Reidsville, NC. Services include medication delivery, local emergency service and a 24 hour oncall pharmacist.  Also included is a quarterly review of each resident'smedical record by a consulting pharmacist.  Communication by the pharmacistwith the staff and physicians is coordinated in an  effort to optimizeresident care and quality of life.

Refund Policy

After following the discharge policy, the home will refund all money equal tothe cost for the remainder of the month from the date of the discharge.



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Last modified: February 18, 2013